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........A few words about the Festival Singers...
The Festival Singers were originally assembled as the singing and acting troupe for The Holly Dickens Festival more than a dozen years ago. We have also performed at The Detroit Institute of Arts’ Noel Night, Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford’s Holiday Nights, Detroit Aglow, The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, The Clarkston Café, The Detroit Scarab Club, The Detroit Country Club, The Detroit Athletic Club, The Palace of Auburn Hills, Pine Lake Country Club, Flint’s Cultural Holiday Walk, Crossroads Village and many other events and private parties throughout the area.
.....This uniquely talented group of costumed performers not only offer an extensive and varied repertoire of beautiful 5-part a cappella holiday music but can provide several audience-participation, interactive skits, including their delightfully entertaining version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. Since our music is completely committed to memory, unlike many other caroling groups, we can perform in almost any venue and can tailor our programs to your specific entertainment needs. And the best part of all – we love what we do and we hear over and over again that people truly have fun at our performances.

Festival Singers

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Meet The Team!

Festival Singer

We are saddened to say that we lost our Director Sharon Thomas this year. Sharon was so special to so many people and will be sorely missed.

Seasons Greetings from
Sharon, the Founder and Artistic Director of The Festival Singers.
Character Portrayed: The Widow Marley Vocal: Soprano
Any success I’ve had as such is due to the fine people you see listed below as well as the many people who have sung with The Festival Singers throughout the years. I have been lucky enough to work with these committed (or they should be) performers who include my husband and many close friends who’ve remained so even though I’ve asked them to sing in funny costumes, in horizontal snowstorms, torrential rains, blazing hot catacombs and deafeningly loud crowds where we can’t hear a thing – all the while keeping smiles on their faces and dedication in their hearts.

Character Portrayed: Ian Hawthorne, esquire Vocal: Baritone
Squire Hawthorne spends his summers at Sneedwell, his estate in the town of Woburn in Bedfordshire, England, about 50 miles northwest of London. He has been in the employ of the Director of the Festival Singers in various capacities for the last 27 years. Hawthorne has always enjoyed singing in the parish church choir in nearby Aspley Heath, and lends his vocal talents to the Dickens Festival each weekend between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Some have likened his personal appearance to that of Jacob Marley himself, but others point out that Hawthorne is much older and considerably more portly than Scrooge’s late partner ever was. Top o’ the day to you all!

Festival Singer


Festival Singer


Character Portrayed: Ebenezer Scrooge Vocal: Tenor
I have been fortunate to work with some of the most talented, generous and warm-hearted people over the past 14 years. It has been such a wonderful experience and I look forward to many more years! Personally, playing Scrooge has really helped me better understand and open up to the many facets of my own personality and the personality of others. Thank you Sharon! :-)
Character Portrayed: ALL (of the above and below) Vocal: Alto
Playing a myriad of characters, Marlaina had been with the Festival Singers for the last 15 years. the Holidays certainly would not be the same without this wacky family of lovable characters  and hope we all can put you in the Christmas spirit as much as they do to her.

Festival Singer


Festival Singer


Character Portrayed: Bob Cratchit Vocal: Tenor
Michael was an original Festival Singer some (lost count) years ago, and has been steadily involved with the group since 1997. Michael is an Educator, Professional Puppeteer and a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has 3 children (Matt, Chris and Kara) and has been married to his beautiful wife for 24 years. Michael is also an actor and has been performing theatre for the last 26 years. Michael and his family (real and singing) wish you a wonderful holiday season!
Character Portrayed: Stephen P. Fezziwig, Aka: The Narrator Vocal: Tenor
I have enjoyed singing either full or part time with the Festival Singers for over 11 years. I am often seen as the Narrator of the Charles Dickens Scrooge skit, but also frequently serve as a stand- in for Christmas Present and Bob Cratchit as needed. On the street I play Stephen P. Fezziwig son of the late employer of Ebeneezer Scrooge, who comes to visit the Dickens Festival each year as the Anti-Scrooge. It is always one of my greatest pleasures each year to perform with this wonderful and talented group of people.

Festival Singer


Festival Singer


Character Portrayed: Ghost of Christmas Past Vocal: Alto
Ms. Winnifred Smythe, otherwise known as the Ghost of Christmas Past,was born in a small cottage on the Lancastershire countryside. Moving to ye olde London towne when she was a wee twenty years old, she began working in the clothing mills to make ends meet. There she met the a dashing man, who broke her heart. Jumping to her death from the top of Big Ben (and what a climb that was!), she vowed to return to earth to haunt those who need to look into the past in order to change their future. In her free time, she enjoys macramé, salsa dancing, and haunting houses of ill repute.

Character Portrayed: Ethel Cratchit Vocal: Alto
What’s not to love about this plucky band of costumed eccentrics cavorting about the streets and bursting into lovely yuletide harmonies? That’s why I’ve hung in there going on 9 years. Well, that and they pay me a king’s ransom in chocolate (and the occasional bonus of stolen stemware). I consider myself incredibly fortunate to share the yuletide season with such warm hearted, wonderfully talented people and hope audiences feel that gingerbread feeling!

Festival Singer


Festival Singer


Character Portrayed: Ghost Of Christmas Present (GOCP) Vocal: Bass
Chuck has returned each year for one of his favorite role recreations, that of GOCP! Years ago, Chuck had the pleasure of performing on stage 3 different character roles of Charles Dickens’ that of “Bob Cratchit”, “Marley” & “GOCP”. Chuck can also be seen as a return performer of his World Record Breaking one-man Bubble Show, which he has been doing for the Village of Holly for over 15 years. He is currently a Adjunct College Professor and Tutor, looking to find a full-time breakout job in the field of MultiMedia Communications, Chuck is the webmaster of “TheFestivalSingers.com

Character Portrayed: Isabel / Fred's Wife Vocal: Soprano

Festival SingerSOLANA

Festival Singer


Character Portrayed: Scrooge’s Nephew Fred Vocal: Bass
Member of Simply Dickens Troupe
I’ve been in the Festival Singers for only about 5 years, but have been involved at the Dickens Festival for almost 10! I sing and play guitar in the street group “Simply Dickens” and perform often outside the festival as well. I am an Elementary Education/Psychology major and am currently attending Macomb College.


Character Portrayed: Jacob Marley Vocal: Tenor
I look forward to returning every Holiday Season. I couldn’t imagine spending Christmas time with any other group. We’re not only a talented group of singers, we’re friends. I’ve been with Festival Singers for 7 years and started off playing Scrooges nephew Fred. However, the past couple years, I have sort of slipped into the role of Jacob Marley (I truly enjoy haunting Scrooge), and I’m starting to wonder if turning 40 means I’m OLD? Thanks to Sharon, Steve and Isabelle for letting us share this wonderful time of the year with them.

Festival Singer


Festival Singer


Character Portrayed: Shopkeeper Vocal: Soprano
The Festival Singers is more than a group of singers and performers for me. It's more like a "play group". We laugh, we cry, we sometimes fight over toys - but we do love spending time together. And we tend to bring out the best in each other - both in our performances and in our private gatherings. This is my fourth year as a Festival Singer. I am blessed to be able to do something I love - with a group of people I love. May our 2007 season be merry & bright!
Character Portrayed: Shopkeeper Vocal: Soprano
I am back for my second year with the Festival Singers. Not even Ebenezer could scare me off! This group is great fun and I’m grateful to be able to make beautiful music with them. When I am not singing Christmas songs, I am with my family - my husband and four boys.

Festival Singer



Character Portrayed: Queen Victoria Vocal: Alto
This is my first year singing with the Festival Singers.  It has been my pleasure to watch all these wonderful and colorful characters over the last few years.  They bring joy and laughter to all who are fortunate enough to see them.  I am so privileged and happy to be joining their family this year. Thanks to you all for your warm welcome.


Character Portrayed: Collector Vocal: Tenor
Christopher is always pleased to sing with the Festival Singers.  Chris is a senior at West Bloomfield High School where he participates in the Laker Express Show Choir, and is a four time member of the State of Michigan Honors Choir!  He has grown from a Tiny Tim thru put pocket up to a full-fledged member,  and soon our little Brody will be off to college!!!  He will always have a song in his heart for his extended family during the wonderful holiday season!


BRIAN Character Portrayed: Fred Vocal: Bass
Brian is a Junior at West Bloomfield High School, and is very excited to join the Festival Singers! He also sings with his school's Laker Express Show Choir and is very involved in their theatre program, musical and other programs. Brian has been singing his entire life (all 16 years of it!), and doesnt plan on stopping soon.

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